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NYC Youth Voter Project: Power up Your Vote

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The NYC Youth Voter Project is a dynamic, youth lead project dedicated to empowering the next generation of voters in New York City.  

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Brooklyn Bridge

Spring "Why Your Vote Matters" Contest

The "Why Your Vote Matters" contest is a unique initiative by NYC Youth Voter Project that gives young people the opportunity to showcase their understanding of the power of their vote through creative or literary expression. Whether it's through writing an essay, composing a poem, creating a piece of artwork, or making a video, the contest provides a platform for young people to share their thoughts and ideas on the importance of voting in their communities.

Lenox & Malcolm X

Weekly NYC Elected Offical spotlight

Our weekly articles are written by members of Gen. Z, for Gen. Z, to provide a fresh perspective on what's happening in the world of politics. From city council members to state representatives, our writers delve into the actions and policies of NYC politicians and explore how they're affecting the younger generation.

Image by Tatiana Rodriguez

Learn to Register!

Our comprehensive handbook outlines the requirements for registering to vote in NYC, including information on residency, age, and citizenship. Whether you're just turning 18 or you're still a few years away from being eligible, our handbook provides a step-by-step guide to help you understand the process and ensure that your vote counts.

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