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About Us


 NYC Youth Voter Project targets young people, thus it is crucial to have youth leaders involved in the project. Youth leaders are better able to represent the concerns and perspectives of their peers, ensuring that the project is designed in a way that is more accessible and appealing to the target demographic.

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Young people often connect better with others who are closer to their age and share similar experiences. By having a youth-led organization, the NYC Youth Voter Project can connect with young people in a more relatable way. Youth leaders can better understand the issues and concerns of their peers, which helps to build trust and rapport with potential young voters.
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Young people come from diverse backgrounds and have unique perspectives on the world. A youth-led organization can better represent the diversity of young people in New York City and ensure that their voices are heard. It can also help to address the specific issues that affect youth, such as access to education, employment,  and opportunity. 


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About Me

My name is Luke Pinn, and I'm a lifelong New Yorker born and raised in Manhattan. Through my experiences with political outreach and advocacy, I encountered young people who although eligible to vote, did not have access to essential knowledge about the political process. 

Realizing the potential impact of this knowledge gap, I decided to take action and founded the NYC Youth Voter Project.

My goal is to empower young people to become active, engaged citizens who are aware of the issues that affect them and who exercise their right to vote. However, I recognize that not all young people have this same privilege, and as a result, they may feel disconnected or disenfranchised from the political process.

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